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Icebike is founded by local rider Magne Kvam in 2006. His love of the outdoors and endless search for new trails drives Icebike to deliver adventures like no other. Icebike is a small family owned and operated bike tour operator in Iceland.

Where to find us

We are easy to find, follow the ring road to “Hveragerði” village. Drive the main road through the village until the end of the road – about 10 minutes drive – up by the foot of the mountains, big parking area – our base is in a small black house.

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The beginning

In 2006 Magne brought rider Matt Hunter and photographer Sterling Lorence to the highlands of Iceland for the first MTB shoot in Iceland. The result was “Trip of the Year” in Bike Magazine and “Photo of the Year” on Pinkbike. The trail choices for that trip were the result of the time Magne spent riding in the highlands over the last decades. In the following years Magne brought small groups of riders to the highlands each summer. In 2013 Ásta Briem joined Magne as partner in Icebike and life. Together they work with a group of guides to deliver top adventures for riders in Iceland.


Icebike Adventures was the first in Iceland to do multi day mountain biking trips. The first to do heli biking & the first to do fatbiking trips in Iceland. Magne Kvam the owner and founder of Icebike has spent the last 20 years searching for and creating mtb trails. Read more about our trail building here. Even with Magne’s hard work he does not get close to the result of the biggest trail builder in Iceland. The trusted flock of 500.000 sheep that wander the highlands. They create many of the fun flowy singletracks that Magne scouts each summer.

Passion of biking

The Icebike team shares the passion of biking and love of the outdoors. We go to great lengths to bring riders to the secret trails of the highlands. We cross unbridged rivers with our modified trucks and custom built bike trailers.

Pro riders travel to Iceland

When pro riders visit Iceland they tend to team up with Icebike for advice and collaboration. See our media page for details on our work with pro riders. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best riders in the world.

Future of biking

Iceland biking scene is young and legislation on biking is still forming. The highlands are vast areas of unique untouched nature. As the summer there is short vegetation only has 6-8 weeks for to grow and recover each year. We tailor our trips to make no harm. We promote practices that will keep our wilderness intact for future generations. Help us keep trails open to riders by riding respectfully. See “rules of the trail.”

Let’s go out and ride!

Our passion for creating epic riding adventures is what drives us to explore the farthest reaches of Iceland. Always dreaming of what may lay around the next bend. At the end of the day, we just love to ride our bikes and it shows.

Owner and Manager
Founder & Owner

Icebike is a fully licenced Tour Operator and Travel Agency

VAT nr.  117222 / ID nr. 670312-100

WHEN IN ICELANDRespect Nature, Stay on the trail!

The way we ride today shapes mtb access in the future.

About Icebike Adventures