The Highland Facilities Iceland- Icebike Adventures

There are no hotels in the highlands. The choice is between driving back to civilisation. Or, rough it and stay in mountain cabins. Simple life. Great riding & great food make up for the lack of luxury in the cabins.


Facilities and B&B on the Iceland highland trips
Where do we stay on our bike trips in Iceland highlands?

Location “ThorsGarden”

For ThorsGarden trips and one night on Raven. Small shared cabins. Here there is higher level of service, meals served buffet style in a restaurant with a bar. Small sauna.The cabins are the only accommodation in the highlands.

There are no hotels or B&B’s unless you are willing to drive 1,5 hours or more back towards civilisation.  Iceland highlands are remote. Away from civilisation. To experience untouched nature you spend time in areas with little service.

We value great food. We value experiences. You won’t remember the highlands for their comfort. You will remember the highlands forever for the feeling you get. Standing on a top of the mountain. Never ending views. Rarely a human in sight. Pedal through.


The Highland Facilities