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Heli-biking is simply unforgettable. An experience that lasts forever. A trip for the adventurous & open minded people. Iceland is created by volcanic eruptions. Flying over moss covered lavafields to the top of a dormant volcano is a journey like no other. See the relics of the volcanic activity from the air before landing on top of the volcano that created the same vast fields of lava. Then focus. This is now, and this is a day to remember. From helicopter to a bike we continue exploring.

We helibike in two different areas near Reykjavík. One is suitable for advanced riders. The other is a softer descent suitable for newcomers. Both trips have a mix of fun and flowy singletrack interrupted only by the stops we make to to take in the majestic views that few have seen.
Tectonic / Heli Biking
Custom Helibiking
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This is an epic day for riders with intermediate- advanced skill level. Heli drop on the top of a dormant volcano. Scenic technical singletracks in a geothermally active area or a full day of the best trails southwest Iceland has to offer! For riders with good technical trail experience and strong stamina.


3-6 Hours
Tailor Made Helibiking
Custom Helibiking
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This is an epic day for riders with intermediate-advanced skill level. We use the heli to bring us to remote trails. Each trip is tailored for our riders,. No itinerary exists for this trip, this is the "chefs special" - each trip is unique, crafted by the most skilled riders in Iceland. Weather and trail conditions will be a big factor in the deciding the destinations for the day. Suitable for riders with good biking experience and strong stamina.


3-8 Hours

World Class Company for a Once in a Lifetime Trip

For anyone looking to experience Iceland’s astonishing beauty be bike, be it an easy cross country ride or harrowing single track adventure, Icebike will create and optimize the perfect experience for you.

B.Sk- Boston, MA


Lovin' the Lava Fields!

What an incredible experience. This company is fabulous to work with and we would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in exploring the natural beauty of Iceland by bike. They will figure out how to make an awesome adventure for you no matter what your fitness level.

Kimt702 - Ohio


True professionals in Icelandic mountain biking

These guys really know how to run a trip. Brilliant gudes who worked really hard to make the trip work. great riding though not too technical – It’s all about the views and just being in Iceland. Th Super Jeeps are pushed too with amazing 4×4 action heading for the best trails.

neverenoughbikes - Leeds,UK

Raven AM

Family Ride

Wow what a tour these guys put on. Worked in so well with our family and riding skill set. The guides were top notch and so polite. We had to reschedule due to airlines ans nothing was a problem with them. I can’t recommend this company enough five stars.

Butcher J.- NY

Lava Trails
Bikerack on helicopter flying away from mountaintop
happy to use the helicopter to fly us to the top

Tailor Made Helibiking