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The Icebike Trail Center is located at Reykjadalur. A hub for day tours on e-mtb here you will find trips suitable for all active people. Reykjadalur and Hveragerði areas combine scenic landscapes with fun trails. The two key e-MTB trips in Reykjadalur are Geotrails suitable for newcomers to intermediate and Tectonic suitable for advanced mtb riders.
An e-mtb is a superb way to reach further.
Geo Trails / E-MTB
Day tour intermediate E-mtb
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A perfect trip for active people with some mountainbiking experience: Explore the flow on a single and double track surrounding Hveragerði village on this new fun 1-2 hour ride. We ride a mix of smooth single-track to wider manmade trails and double track. Electric bikes have been a fantastic addition to the world of Icelandic mountain biking and are a great way to explore Iceland. The trip is suitable for those who ride a bike on regular basis, are happy and confident riding natural trails.


1,5 - 2 hours
Tectonic / Heli Biking
Custom Helibiking
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This is an epic day for riders with intermediate- advanced skill level. Heli drop on the top of a dormant volcano. Scenic technical singletracks in a geothermally active area or a full day of the best trails southwest Iceland has to offer! For riders with good technical trail experience and strong stamina.


3-6 Hours
Steamer / E-MTB
Day Tour Advanced E-MTB
Ride challenging trails in stunning landscapes. This is a trip for the technically capable rider that wants a great natural trail day. Use the full suspension e-mtb to reach further into a geothermal area near Reykjavík where steam rises from the ground with stunning views of the geothermal valleys. Remote feel, yet less than an hour from Reykjavik center.


~3 Hours
Tectonic / E-MTB
3 Day advanced E-MTB
Ride challenging trails in stunning landscapes. This 3/4 day adventure is a trip for the technically capable rider that wants a great enduro challenge. Reach further on e-mtb into a geothermal area near Hveragerði where steam rises from the ground with stunning views of lakes and volcanic valleys. Remote feel, yet less than an hour from Reykjavik center.


3 days

A magical time

Thank you, Asta.  We had a magical time.  Full credit to you, your guides and your amazing country.  Mike

Mike - UK


Thanks for a fantastic time

Thanks for a fantastic time! We loved the guides and could not have asked for a better time. Thank you!

B.Nielsen - Az, US

Tectonic E-MTB

Family Ride

Wow what a tour these guys put on. Worked in so well with our family and riding skill set. The guides were top notch and so polite. We had to reschedule due to airlines ans nothing was a problem with them. I can’t recommend this company enough five stars.

Butcher J.- NY

Lava Trails
singletrack in Reykjavik

Tectonic / E-MTB